Diary? Nothing that I wouldn't tell a client. Not everything that is written pertains to me or my life.
The things I see, hear...the people I talk to, all influence or impact my thoughts. Just saying!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So we women can get pretty worked up. Be very emotional. I see a movie that's touching in any way -bawl my eyes out. When it comes to movies, I'm a cryer. Same with great reads. Someone tells me, "I've never seen a boy cry that hard." and I could start tearing up myself. I take people's problems to heart. If I start talking about a hurtful topic, tears...Now what can I blame? Hormones? Imbalanced and oh my... I'm not a morning person, so that? Maybe I haven't gotten to eat on time and it's late? Truthfully at one point or another probably all those and more. From reading the above it would sound like I cry nonstop. But I'm a woman so it's totally cool to cry, right? I don't really. But the fact is, if you see me crying, there's a really good reason to it. You would have to know personal details or be involved to see me truly crying out of pain. If you have, I must have been very embarrassed at the moment, but cannot hold back that which bursts from within.
The tears I could never hide are those of joy, comfort, relief, and pure worship. Of feeling that Pure Love. When no one on earth could understand why, or feel that what is inside my heart. Not out of emotion or feeling. Not because of PMS or lack of sugar. But, when a man of God, a stranger to me, in a church I've rarely been to, who does not know me by name, might have only noticed me from a far, knows nothing of my life, but can speak and say the exact thoughts of my mind, as if he knows everything and all the happenings of my life, and altogether reassuring, reminding, and convicting to a point where I cannot deny that the Holy Spirit has done something amazing. At a very critical moment, the right time. Somehow exactly when I so need it...Those tears I let stream down my face.