Diary? Nothing that I wouldn't tell a client. Not everything that is written pertains to me or my life.
The things I see, hear...the people I talk to, all influence or impact my thoughts. Just saying!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


<--- I could care less.

I don't remember the last time I came home in so much pain. I haven't been this happy to be at home in a long time! Couldn't wait to strip my filthy clothes off, probably with about ten or even more people's hair imbedded in them!

All of a sudden this blog thing disgusts me and I can't wait for this month to be over. Good thing I chose the short one. Much more important things than blogging, happening in life. I mean, why did I think it would be fun of posting a picture of myself and a blog a day? Whatever.

It was a hard long day today. No lunch and late on every single client! I dropped every single shear I own. Not out of my hands, but whatever, from the shelf, I don't even know from where they fell. Talk about graceful.

I was happy to be able to cut one of my friends hair today. She gave me chocolate so at least I had a snack.

I've decided after coming home, nobody, who I don't have a personal relationship with, should have to know anything about my personal life. We'll see how I am about that. I can say anything one day, and the next things all turn around. I could lie to myself one day, and then do the complete opposite. But I find myself regretting telling certain things, and feel I blabber too much. Who cares anyways. And this blog, well, it's abstract, so there's nothing really personal about it. For all you know, I can be writing about you and you wouldn't really know.

I feel mean right now, after rereading the previous written things. Hmmm.
And just like I sometimes regret what I say, I sometimes regret what I erase and throw away, only to remind myself of why I did it in the first place. Plus decluttering is always pleasurable. Cleaning out a purse, cleaning out/sorting out boxes of personal notes, decluttering FB profile. Even that feels good. I don't like clutter.

Anyway, enough complaining and whining. The wind outside is calming me. I really like the sound of it.
Tomorrow's another day. This one's maxed out! I'll be more positive when I write tomorrow, too.