Diary? Nothing that I wouldn't tell a client. Not everything that is written pertains to me or my life.
The things I see, hear...the people I talk to, all influence or impact my thoughts. Just saying!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


<-- I drive a lot. A lot. And yes, this was probably not a good time to take a photo, I will admit, but I needed one for today. Hehe.

Before work today, I thought about how only one single person will ever hear me say or talk about certain things. How only that one person will get to know everything. One person. Everything.

All kinds of people hear me voice things out. One person hears one part of my life, another, only some other part. Someone sees only the professional side. Somebody sees the foolish goofy nerd in me. Maybe one or two know me very closely, more than most, and see more sides than maybe they wanted to. (I'm thinking about a few things I shouldn't even start on, here.) Maybe some get in on a more deeper level but then dwindle away over time for some reason or another...But really, only one other soul, will hear certain words, get to know the deepest of the deep, and the most intimate. I thought about that, as I was getting ready this morning, and thought it was pretty cool for some reason.

Sometimes, I feel a little selfish and think how lucky I am that even those times when I want to talk about myself, I have a stranger in my chair and can literally make them sit and listen to me. (Laughing right now.) Because, imagine, if I decide to blabber about a certain subject I feel the need to talk about and choose you, the unlucky one in my chair, you'd have no choice but to listen. Well, I don't do that of course, (maybe a minuscule amount) but I am lucky that I can always say something somewhere. I have different friends, for different aspects of my life, my family members, all sorts of groups or places for the right areas of my life. I just feel that I have so much love, appreciation, support around me. So many kind people. Nice words. Praise. Compliments, time, attention, etc... What others crave, maybe, I have a lot. And it's not my own doing. And it is not to brag. It's just the realization of it! Maybe it doesn't come from the one I want, or expect, or maybe not the way I want it (there was an interesting couple who said a few things, and the fact that it wasn't the actual compliment, but them saying it, was the actual compliment itself-does that make sense?), but it's there, all around me. (For example, if I had no one but my clients, I'd still have quite the gratification of satisfied clients who want to praise you for something you do all day! And give you hugs too!) I know I am blessed. Sometimes, I just have to open my eyes and admit it, especially when I don't want to see. And it's a huge reminder to do that for others. To give back to those who need that from me! Or need it at all. And sometimes I forget.
On another note, I got to go to a birthday celebration of a person I hardly know! The minister's wife at the church I play for. Actually, I didn't even know she was the minister's wife until today. (I haven't gotten to know every single person yet.) I believe every person there is about 50 and up. Ok, maybe even older. But, it was very lovely. And I had a good time. I can actually laugh with them and have fun. Don't you just like that word, lovely. (Add a little accent to that.)
On the subject of health. I had chocolate cake for breakfast with a cup of coffee. After work, I had chocolate cake with hot water. (They told me to come hungry for the birthday.) And I did have a cookie after the meal. So healthy? I am. 'Cause I had only one piece each time, not half the cake.
Also, I have to add. When I say healthy, I mean it in a way where it's not about food, diet, and exercise. I mean overall, balanced healthy living. Mind, body, spirit, soul. And whatever else comes with it. Because I certainly don't want a super healthy body and a dead soul. Or a mind out of control. Or an unrested spirit. Whatever, I 'm making things up now. You get the point, I presume.
So I like to change subject and go off tangents. But it's my blog. I can do that.
I'm going to get something to drink, read a book, or learn some words, or watch something, or do some study questions. Or stalk on facebook. Which isn't really any fun. So I'll see what I end up doing it. I'm a night person, so my day has just begun. Well, for a few hours that is...