Diary? Nothing that I wouldn't tell a client. Not everything that is written pertains to me or my life.
The things I see, hear...the people I talk to, all influence or impact my thoughts. Just saying!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project February

I'm sitting on my bed kind of wanting to nap. But I want to get this out of the way. The snapshot of me today is me looking worn out and tired. Because, do I want to do anything, just so I can take the picture of the day? No. After coming home at one, I seemed to still want to unpack, shower, and only then pass out on my bed. So today I didn't have to do my hair, my makeup, dress up, or go to work. Lucky. This weekend has been amazing. From 5:30 am Saturday morning until midnight last night, the three days spent with some of my coworkers, in Long Beach California, were well worth it! Seems like so much happened and such a long time ago already. All we practically did was eat, walk, and take pictures. Lots of pictures. (I have over 500. call me crazy if you want) All the crowds, and things constantly coming at me, and the noise, were all overwhelming by Sunday night, so I was glad that after we got our certification at a class, we spent the rest of the time on Monday at the ocean side, enjoying the good weather and winding down. I am thankful that after such a weekend, I can come home process it before getting back into the norm. It's like a little pause so that I can start refreshed tomorrow.
I loved everything. Flying for the first time since coming to America. It was so cool to see the earth from up high in the air. On the way from Seattle to La, the pilot went up to 41 thousand feet. And to think we're sitting on the runway and in seconds lift up from the ground. Amazes me. (First lift off, I did feel my hands get sweaty.) Seeing the clouds swoosh past. Seeing the horizon of the ocean on one side and a vast never ending city on the other, is just way cool. Getting some sun. Ah, I even managed to get a slight tan line from walking and sitting out by the ocean. It was a nice break from our cold Spokane weather. I came out of the airport last night and thought I'd instant freeze like an icicle! Feeling the sand on the beach of the ocean. I've never actually been on an ocean beach front. Walking on the pier. Spending three whole days with the girls from Jaazz in a non work environment. I think that was awesome and an interesting experience. Eating good food. Getting motivated and inspired at the show! What a great way to start this year. I have to say I love the people I work with, and appreciate the salon I work for. I listened to some of the speakers and love the fact that those great people put importance on those things that I do, myself. Makes me love my work even more.
So what am I thinking about? I want to get myself short shears. For detailing and close work. That I have to go practice piano but feel lazy. That I am excited to get back to work. That sharing what I am excited about doesn't even make sense to certain people and they wouldn't or don't understand. That eating out, sitting on the sand, and flying ends and responsibilities come back.
I am listening to the others watching episodes of Monk (thanks to me and Netflix, hehe) and the sound of shattering of a cup.
At one restaurant we heard the most huge clatter and shatter and I wonder, does that ruin that worker's day. Or when the driver slams on the breaks and we all lurch forward and then stare in surprise, does he feel embarrassed or worried? That famous people's hands shake too when they're on stage. That I have to end this and get back to what I need to do...I might refer to the trip down the road again, otherwise,
'till tomorrow.