Diary? Nothing that I wouldn't tell a client. Not everything that is written pertains to me or my life.
The things I see, hear...the people I talk to, all influence or impact my thoughts. Just saying!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

On Rare Occasion

Have you ever found something you thought you'd never see again? Or forgot it had even existed at all?! It's always a shocker! Sometimes I take pictures of things, weather to share, or to compile in my collection, and forget that when I throw out an 'original', the photo of it is still somewhere. Surprised myself with a few things I found today. Made me smile. And no, I don't take a picture of every possible thing I get, own, or have had. I'm just saying...

Random Tid Bit:
I like fresh sheets, so today, after I took the case and the protector off of my pillow, there was a little pile of scattered feathers left. (it's a cheap pillow, of course) If you have a down pillow you might know what I'm talking about. It looked like I just plucked a chicken or a goose. Right on my bed. Not that I've ever even done such a thing. That's for those people who live on farms, or for those who lived in Russia in a village, or not even in a village, or for those who are very into organic, natural, fresh, very fresh, foods, or in the movies like The Illusionist where the character thought that the plucked feathers she saw outside her window, was snow...I don't think I ever want to pluck a chicken. Then again, I might be fascinated by the idea, maybe when I'm in my sixties or something. But. That's what I thought of, a plucked chicken, when I saw the feathers from my pillow.

Random Tid Bit Two:
I love to laugh. In fact, I love photos of laughter caught in the moment. Pure emotion. Laughter. It's just amazing...

There are certain people I know that I've never seen laugh.

Like that real, true laugh. Or the laugh that explodes 'cause you can't keep it in, can't hide or stifle. Or my favorite: when you laugh so hard you start to cry! The laugh that rings and resonates in your ears. The laugh that brightens the place up, and makes you feel good. A joyous laugh. Or even the kind that catches on and makes people, who have no idea why they're laughing, laugh.
Not that awkward social laugh. The laugh you make to fit in. Or the laugh you create to make that person feel OK, for the joke they just said that didn't make sense. Or the laugh you give to make the person feel good as part of a closing, to show, 'I've been listening, but my face doesn't show a reaction, so I'll force a laugh.' Not that 'pity' laugh. Nor an evil laugh, not at all! Or that nervous laugh. Oh, that awkward nervous laugh!

So when I did see those people laugh, it was the best little 'gift' ever. The whole face changes into something that I've never seen. An expression never seen before. Like something new discovered. Everything changes. The eyes, the lips, the whole face! I mean, there were teeth this time! (hehe) There's almost a sparkle. In my mind, I stop and say, 'wow, you just laughed!!' And I've never seen it before! It's only then, do I realize, I've never seen the person really laugh! And then I think, 'I get to see it. I get to see this person actually laugh!' That rare occasion. A little special moment in time...

Strange things I cherish. A good laugh.