Diary? Nothing that I wouldn't tell a client. Not everything that is written pertains to me or my life.
The things I see, hear...the people I talk to, all influence or impact my thoughts. Just saying!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chip In The Blade

Does confidence in a person scare people? Intimidate? I will always wonder at this. If so, that's too bad.

I have a bunch of questions. All of which I can not ask therefore I will not get an answer. So I won't know.

I dropped my texturizing shears and can no longer use them. There's a chip in the blade and it won't close. Unless people like the feeling of hair ripping out of their scalp, I probably should not even attempt using them. Dropping shears is no way to go. I know. That means buying new ones, since I can't go a work day without them! Oh. If only my shelf didn't throw things! 

Life can be peculiar. I mean peculiar in a wondering, interesting way. Not in a negative way. Or, I can't decide if it's the people that are peculiar, or the situation itself. But then, it's the people who create the situation so it must be both. 

Heard a good phrase today. I've heard of it before, this past year. 
Darkness comes before dawn. What a great statement of hope!
As Shawn Spencer says, "Wait for it." You have to hear him saying it of course, and he's just a character. But. You just have to wait for the 'dawn'. 

Out of the most obscure/difficult/questionable situations come great blessings. I so see it! Always amazes me!!! 

Last night, Yanni said, "Dreams do come true." Believe in dreams. Dream. 
I believe that because I have seen it. He also said, "Everything great, anybody did, started with one single thought." We all can think, we all can dream. And it happens. 

Yanni has great musicians. Have you ever heard of a drum solo? That man probably never stops moving. Hands, legs, whole body. I mean, how could anyone play drums and not move?  Pretty impressive showcasing of the drummer.  He even drank a bit out his cup as he went wild on his drums!  That's multitasking for ya.  A percussion/harp duet? Believe me, once you see that harpist, you'd never think of a harp the same way. Certainly not a symphony. These musicians, their hands fly like crazy! I was astounded! By the way, the harpist literally picked his harp up, at the end, with his wild playing and all. That thing is huge!  And the drummer split his drumstick! Awesome violin dueling. Cello spinning. Trumpet guy. Impressive. I love the sound of the trumpet. So clean and soothing. That is, if a professional is playing. 
It was great. You can laugh if you think it's funny to go to a Yanni concert. But, this is my third time and I like it. Live, that is. There is quite the difference you know.
"The Storm" Live. Ah!
I wonder how many hours just that one violinist puts in to get all the notes at those speeds. I feel pathetic thinking of my own 'hours' of practice to learn a song on the piano. Yeah.

Well, time for 'dreaming'.  Hehe...