Diary? Nothing that I wouldn't tell a client. Not everything that is written pertains to me or my life.
The things I see, hear...the people I talk to, all influence or impact my thoughts. Just saying!

Friday, May 27, 2011

One, Two, Three...

Here's a list:

  • I have had a lot on my mind this last month of May. Lots. I want to share all of it...Ha! Just kidding! I'd be a loony if I did.
  • I am excited for: 
  1. My sister in law coming home with her two boys!!! I am gonna stand there waiting at the airport, midnight and all. 
  2. Getting my braces off. It's been ridiculous and if I could, I would rant about it. Oh well. They are coming off soon! 
  3. Going to Europe! Getting away from Spokane and everything in it. From the life I have here, even if for a short, little time. I wish I could go with just the clothes on my back and my camera. (And it's battery charger and adapter of course.) I thought about taking a laptop and blogging about it there, but that would defeat the purpose of getting away! So. No curling iron, no flat iron, no laptop, no texting or facebook. Eeeh! 
  4. This summer. Laying on the sand at lake coeur d' alene! I would say why I like to be on the beach so much, but I've decided it's probably best not to...My accompanist job will be on break for the summer. Bible study's on break for the summer. So it's just three days of work and...I'm thinking next year (starting in September) will be a hard one, so might as well as enjoy the summer!
  5. Long hair again. Only blond this time. 
  6. Something I can't write about. (it's not about a boy)
  7. Laying outside in the breeze and stargazing out on the field on my parents' mountain property. Miss it.
  8. My birthday. Laugh about it, but I usually start planning early. Yep. Only I can't decide if I want to celebrate the 'normal' way. If I could, I'd like to be at the Oregon Coast with a few close friends. But I have to be in town the weekend of my birthday so that wouldn't do...I can't believe I've never been to the coast! Anyway, I already know what I want to eat...Is that weird? Weird to know the menu this early??? I'm exaggerating a little, but only a little. Let's just say, that tomorrow's happenings or any day after, can change everything in an instance, so when I say 'planning', it's just a matter of speech.
  9. My little photo shoot I want to do with my sister. We do this once in awhile. Well, fake photo shoot. Just for fun, like always. As if I don't have enough photos, right? But anyway, I have lots of ideas, and she's my sister so I can actually tell her what I want and how I want it done. 
  • I want to tell you good news! I haven't gotten a single parking ticket in this month of May! I have to say, I've been very diligent in going out and putting in a check into that little slot where money goes. 
  • KMS Flat Out Straightening Creme is the best for smoothing hair out.  Weightless, awesome light fragrance and magical. It's in my list of favorites.
  • I decided that if I'm gonna save money, it's for a piano. Because who will ever give me a piano, or buy me a present that is, perhaps, a piano. Like I would ever ask for a piano. And not just any piano either. So, I will just save for that. A piano of my choosing. That way, I won't have to nag or complain or beg or wait. I'll take care of it myself.  So, not for a house, or a wedding, but a beautiful piano. (They are pricey even when used)
  • Sometimes in the middle of the night I hear a splash of water. I think my fish tries to jump out of it's pretty vase! It's just a 'plop' and a 'splash'. I have yet to witness it myself. That would be so cool to see! My fish is so cool. 
Well, I guess I'm done for now. A little random, pointless info never hurts.
It's Memorial Weekend.