Diary? Nothing that I wouldn't tell a client. Not everything that is written pertains to me or my life.
The things I see, hear...the people I talk to, all influence or impact my thoughts. Just saying!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Encouragement From The Most Unexpected Moments

A couple days ago, my coworker said a few things and with her words spoke my thoughts. It was pretty much thought for thought, on all topics addressed. And I stood and thought, you have no idea. And thank God, I am not the only one who feels that way. Because lately I was getting these feelings and telling myself, Irina, you are just creating that in your mind. But apparently, I am not the only one, so I couldn't possibly be making it up. I had to tell her that. It is amazing how a fragment of time, in a small, maybe five minute conversation, can open up a whole new spectrum of things. All of a sudden a few different things became clear to me...
It was also very gratifying to know that someone stands up for their principles and even makes choices based on them. That they live out what they believe and say. And I admire it greatly.
I mentally run through my day today. The events, the conversations. Such a full day, and in fact, I feel weighted at the moment. But that is my own doing. Aside from that, the best part of all of it had nothing with me 'doing' anything. It was nothing more than the time I took to sleep in the middle of the day! If you're wondering why in world would I be sleeping on a Sunday, it is because if I do wedding hair in early hours of the day, a nap is a necessity! And todays nap was so unreal. I woke up for a second and just thought, I really need to just enjoy this. This state of being. I felt like I was the most content, peaceful person in the world. With not a worry in the world. With not a fear to be felt. Maybe that's why the nap felt so wonderful?! It's one of the most satisfying naps ever!

My nephews were over with their parents, yesterday, and they both got to meet my new fish, Mr. Elegance. I'm pretty sure the baby would have grabbed him if he was allowed. His little hands really wanted to get close.
These boys are just darling. And the cutest thing was, when the older one stated, he is not going anywhere, when my sister said goodbye. He decided he would like to stay. Stay overnight with us. Of course that didn't happen, but oh, what a joy it was to see his little face and how sure he was that he was going to be just fine without his parents and all! And he isn't even three! Well, I guess it was also very cute when they were all leaving and these 'big' aunts and uncle (us) stood at the door all together, and all mimicked his child-like mannerisms, as a goodbye. We all seemed to turn into little kids for the time being. I guess we can't help but make funny faces, noises, and gestures, even if we are quite the 'grownups'.  I mean, if anybody saw that from the side, it would be one hilarious picture!

Today, I opened up my Russian Bible for the first time in a long, long time. I realized, apart from hearing scripture in Russian at the Russian church or anywhere else that it's used or spoken, I have not personally read the Russian version. Not at church, not at home. I read mine in English, but for some reason, I needed to see how a verse looked and sounded in Russian, and compared it to the one I've been reading. I guess, I know and understand the Russian because I've heard it all my life, and have always read it. And now I feel it's really important for me to know it in English. To be as comfortable with it as I am with Russian. 

Like the back of my own hand.