Diary? Nothing that I wouldn't tell a client. Not everything that is written pertains to me or my life.
The things I see, hear...the people I talk to, all influence or impact my thoughts. Just saying!

Friday, June 3, 2011


Who writes twice in one day?? Me! Hehe.
Actually, I wrote twice yesterday, but posted this morning and now am writing, well, now.

Just wanted to say...
Can't wait to watch X-Men First Class. I'm an X-Men fan. Have the whole series! I also want to watch Jane Eyre, the new one. Anyone out there want to go with me? Oh wait, I'm going to Europe! That has to wait.

I love how sometimes my laptop is low on battery and I plug in the power cord into my laptop, only later to realize, the cord itself is not plugged into the outlet! Uh, electricity can't just produce itself just 'cause I think it.

I wonder if God thought about the fact that we girls would be flat ironing our hair with 450 degree flat irons, when He created us and our hair? I mean, what a wondrous creation, just our hair. We can mold it, shape it, cut it, burn the heck out of it, and still manage to have it lookin' shiny and lustrous after all the chemicals and color we've put it through. Try touching that burning iron to your skin. Doesn't feel to good, does it? Nope. I know that one way too well. But, on hair? Why not. It's hair. That was well thought out, I have to say. Hair. Amazing. (First, I don't want any scientist explaining to me what hair is made up of and why it can take that heat. I just want to be in awe with out all the technicalities. And second, maybe it's the hairdresser in me that thinks hair is so grand.)
As for hairdresser talk, I think everyone should own a soft bristle brush! I think we tend to pop into the shower, scrub fast, rinse, comb or not comb at all, throw in product and style. But how many people ever brush their scalp? That's what needs to be taken care of. The end product that hangs also needs to be taken care of so it's healthy lookin', but the scalp? The scalp needs care too! Especially men! Sometimes we think only ladies 'do' their hair, etc...Men. It's totally cool to take care and look good. Unless you spend more time than me at the mirror. Then it's weird. Anyway, it feels really nice to brush and bring blood flow to the scalp.
I have found that feeling beautiful feels so good.
 (It doesn't matter what I actually look like, it's how I feel.)
 People can give me compliments all day, and I could not take them, not believe them, based on how I actually feel about myself!
I find that being a female, being feminine is so Beautiful!
I love that God created woman to be the final touch to His wonderful creation. And to make it perfect the world needs...a woman!
Putting on makeup, perfume, dressing up. Not because I have to, but because I can.
I've been wearing my hair straight lately, and today, I decided I'd curl it. And you know what, it totally changed how I feel.
 I feel softer and more feminine just with curls in my hair. If you're a girl, I wonder if that happens to ya? Do you ever feel like your choice of clothing, your hair style, your makeup for the day, change the way you act, feel, or portray yourself? It certainly does to me. If I wear a puffy skirt I feel like I have to act like a 'lady'. Dressy? Proper. Sweats? Legs curled under me at the breakfast table! I mean, that's what's comfortable!
I also know people act differently towards a person based on what they 'visually' look like. Sadly, it's true.
One of the coolest things with changing my hair, the style, the color, the cut, is to see the response to it in society. Long, short, dark, blond. It's awesome.
And in my profession, I might not want to do my hair, or dress up, or slather on the makeup that day, but my clients certainly would like to see me that way. Otherwise, even I'd question the outcome of my hair, based on what my hairdresser looks like.
Anyway, this isn't about looking good or what you look like.
It's about me liking being feminine. Being a woman. Feeling beautiful.  Even playing the role of the 'woman's role'.
I like it.
I love my job. And I love the conversations I get to have with certain people.
As for this day, I think this is enough.
Love and Peace