Diary? Nothing that I wouldn't tell a client. Not everything that is written pertains to me or my life.
The things I see, hear...the people I talk to, all influence or impact my thoughts. Just saying!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


They say, 'know your audience'! Who's they? Well, they...Such a great statement. It works for so many aspects. Writing, speaking, teaching, etc...Basically, anything. But. Does it always work??? I would say, there's always a curve ball somewhere. Because knowing the audience doesn't guarantee anything.
Within a short time frame, I heard something said, that I know to be true. But because it was two drastically different sources and in such a close time range, I'll just heed it as a warning. For myself.
Written word carries heavy weight. Yes, it does. For so many reasons. (I've made mistakes with written word too many times. I know.) So, like I said, I'll take it as a precaution in some ways. Although, mostly, I always wish to talk about sensitive matter and taboo topics. And things like superficial friendships or tactics people try to  use on each other to get things done (ugh).  Oh, well...The web is a fascinating thing. Scary thing. But I look through all my social media and think, how empty and vague. If it were truly (or perhaps fully) personal, what would that really look like! Ah!
So I'm like this sponge, absorbing everything, anywhere, everywhere. But with the biggest filter ever! I love that word. Filter. And we have to filter. What comes in, what comes out. Assess, analyze. Take the best parts, and throw out the excess. It happens naturally. Sometimes subconsciously. Lately, it's been what people say. They might have their reasons behind it all, their purposes in what they say. How and when. And so, I find myself dismissing a lot of it. (So here's the danger. If you read this, don't start asking yourself if you might have said something that I dismissed. It's not gonna work that way.) But anyway,  I find that to be very important. I am surrounded by many varying types of people from all aspects of life. Because I hear, see, feel so much coming at me... And then, what is it that I let out?
This year has not ended yet, but I just want to say, it has been fantastic! And I am excited and looking forward to what's coming next! Today was the first day of December and what a wonderful beginning to a new month. I say, I should remember today, for days when perhaps I am not inspired as much, or not in the greatest mood, or when things aren't going as well. Remember these feelings. These kind of days. The mindset, the state of the heart, the feelings, and emotions. And just cherish it.
I have had a lot on my mind. (As if there are times when I don't.) And I find myself sometimes thinking in 'script' or 'captions' or quotes...funny thing it is. 
But one great thing I've managed to work out is compartmentalizing. Like what men do. Haha. I can totally separate all the things I am doing, now in life, and manage them one at a time. It's quite a skill! And I'm realizing how much can be done. And how little I am still using of all the things I could be doing. To think I've not even tapped into all the potential I know I have! (More on that later.)
What's something new I did today? I went to see the lights in Coeur d'Alene on the little cruise boat. And had amazing pizza from a place called Fire Artisan Pizza! So good. So fast. And such a cool space. 
Language is an awesome thing. My mom had told me that a big, black woman asked why I don't sing anymore. I said, I don't know any big, black women. It would be cool if I did. Well, she said it in Russian, and what she really meant was a tall, dark haired woman asked why I'm not singing anymore. (Not that I know who that woman is, by that description.) Oh, the things we can say. Which words are used and how we perceive them in our mind. Very fascinating. <- That seems to be 'today's word'. 
(Well, on singing. I am actually singing on the 18th. Just not where I would normally or where anybody would expect me to. I just love it! Heheh.)

So, I've finally got back into blogging. (Sorry for the lack of images. All those go to photobucket. This is just a different kind of blog.)
 And today is enough. 
Goodnight and cheerio!