Diary? Nothing that I wouldn't tell a client. Not everything that is written pertains to me or my life.
The things I see, hear...the people I talk to, all influence or impact my thoughts. Just saying!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


We were once asked, "Why do people like quotes so much?" in a teaching class at work.
Because that's what we relate to, we identify with! At least I do.
Recently, I watched a couple of movies that I liked. To me, very much inspiring perhaps. And the thing is, as much as one of the movies was beautiful, from everything that I saw and heard, just one single phrase stood out. It caught my attention. Therefore, if for nothing else, it was worth that one phrase- the phrase that spoke to me!
Today I saw the most beautiful, wonderful movie! Hugo. I could go forever on all the little things that meant something to me, that stood out to me for my own reasons, but I can't. There's too much and my excitement can't be expressed!
Somehow, it contains everything I ever loved!!! 
The themes, the story, imagery, sound, time period! 
Themes of time, opportunity, dreams, purpose. Adventure. Illusion. Inspiration.
Clocks, doors, trains. Illustration. Snow. Books! 
The fancy vocabulary. Love it.
 Beautiful hair. Those haircuts! I've always loved that time period and style.
The sweaters and tweed jackets. Beautiful scenes. Beautiful actors. 
It's in Paris, France! 
 The music. Ah, the music! I looked up a little about the soundtrack. That end credit song is just so beautiful, I fell in love! And I love that piano and French accordion sound! There was even a metronome in one of the scenes! 
All of it was just wonderful!! All the little details in all aspects!
I don't buy a lot of movies, but I know I will own this one.
French culture of the 1930's. My favorite. 

How it was so much and so many details that I just love, and it all fit together! I was drawn in...and I'm sure I'll be quoting this one a lot.
Something so wonderful!
I have a great appreciation and love for the arts!!! 
(And am grateful I can understand it and even be in it!)
(It's hard to step out of something so amazing and into what seems so bland and simple. Makes you start to look for the beauty all over again, in the normal daily surroundings. Like it felt after coming back from Europe. Don't get me wrong, I love Spokane. And I find it beautiful. In fact I was upset that my camera died, because the sky was the perfect pastel rainbow against the dimming light and city surroundings, as we walked through the park to our car.)
If there is ever a time, 
The Time is Now.
It's been a wonderful day. My sister and I skated at the ice rink. I didn't fall! And of course the first time we went in a long time, it happened to be a day where Comcast was filming and photographing. If you happen to see me, I wore a red hat and had two skates with different laces!
We ate a soft pretzel and looked at the Christmas trees in the mall.
I ate at the Nordsrtom cafe for the first time. I loved how you order and pay and then sit down and they bring your food. And as soon as you're done, you can disappear! Cool system.
Watched Hugo. Once again, stunning! 
And hung out with my brothers family. 
Those darling boys, my nephews!