Diary? Nothing that I wouldn't tell a client. Not everything that is written pertains to me or my life.
The things I see, hear...the people I talk to, all influence or impact my thoughts. Just saying!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pleasing To Our Ears

Ah. My nineteen hour day. How wonderful you were. And I wondered why I wanted to crash after work- I forgot when I got up! And to end the day, we went to Toy Story 3 on ice! From where we sat, the skaters looked totally like toys. I even heard my friend's son ask if they were real...of course they were real. Ham was real. Soldier was real. Woody was real. They skated. They had to be real. Hehe...

Frigid air, the bells playing Silent Night, and sparse snow flakes falling. That was my walk to get my latte and lunch.  I sat at Rocky Rococo's, eating my huge salad, and wondered if there were any businesses that don't put up lights, trees, or some form of Christmas decorations, at all. It's just interesting that as we go through the years, we pull out the things for each season, and do our motions. Each year, one after another. I also thought it was nice that any other music you can hear anytime of the year, but Christmas songs are just for Christmas. (most of the time.)
I think. So many times we want to hear what is pleasing to our ears. The feel good words. The things we already believe. The things we think or say ourselves. And many times, that's what we'll 'hear'. We get told what we want to hear, what we prefer...We don't like to listen, nor hear, the things that don't please us. That don't sound too good. Perhaps don't make us look good, or point out our faults. The things that correct or convict. It's easy to hear, "Perfect!" and be all smiles. Or just be agreed with. That's easy.  It's harder to hear a different opinion, what's wrong, and maybe needs fixing.
But what if we would hear the unpleasant things and instead of defending, arguing, or getting upset, we'd listen to what is being said and do something about it. Say, "You know, they're right. Maybe I should look at it that way. Maybe I do need to work on that." Or just see the other side. Or just 'hear' why it's even being said in the first place...
It's never comfortable nor pleasant to hear things we don't 'like'. But a lot of times, those things are the most true and most likely should be taken in account. It could be for your own benefit. Or it could be for the benefit of the other...
Yeah...It can be uncomfortable.
(I tell myself!)