Diary? Nothing that I wouldn't tell a client. Not everything that is written pertains to me or my life.
The things I see, hear...the people I talk to, all influence or impact my thoughts. Just saying!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Another Week

It's January. Another new year...Another week passes. And everyday this week, I've been thinking.
Why is it that every morning, I wake up and what do I check? 
My FB notifications. I open Instagram mindlessly. 
There's nothing really interesting nor new there. I just do it out of habit. 
I'll open my email on my phone, and check e-letters. Some singles newsletters I still get, some marriage newsletters for a better marriage. Daily devotions from different sites. I'll open other apps...

And then the Bible comes to mind. The bible app on my phone. The bible that sits on my bed stand or counter or couch. Wherever it is at the moment. How is it that I push it off to the side. I'll get to it...But let me do this one last thing...
Why is it that I will first pick up the christian nonfiction book, or the new book I'm really excited about that I just got, the marriage book we started with my husband, or something else, but put off the Bible as last choice. Why is that a week has passed and I choose to read first, things about the Bible, about Christian living, and anything else that truly is meaningless when it compares to God's word?

 For if I really want a good marriage, shouldn't I start with the Bible and prayer, and only then the newsletter? Shouldn't I start with the Bible, and then the Christian literature about the Bible? Because no book or email will help with anything like the Bible will. God's word is the key. Yet I choose the lesser first. 
Too many times, I get caught in that rut only to realize again and again that no newsletter, no self help, devotional, or greatest book on anything, will give me what I truly need. No Facebook or Instagram app, email, and anything else I mindlessly open deserves to be put above God's word. 
All those things are wonderful and I enjoy. But I've realized I've set the more important for last choice. 
It saddens me.