Diary? Nothing that I wouldn't tell a client. Not everything that is written pertains to me or my life.
The things I see, hear...the people I talk to, all influence or impact my thoughts. Just saying!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Busy Little Weekend

It's already a week and a half since I started this. But that's what happens when a silly post is least of my priorities. 
This Man. What a wonderful husband. What a wonderful daddy he is to Jemma! Always helping me. Putting her to sleep so I can get a head start to the night. Making meals if need be. Cleaning up if we have guests. And so much more... I'm just so grateful for him and everything he does. He's such a blessing!
Peter is always singing. We look so serious!

March 29th. Peter's mom offered to watch Jemma so we could have some time to ourselves. It ended up being an early date that Saturday because other things happened to come up for the same day. 
My second latté since Jemma was born. Not the best place for coffee of course. I'm sure the barista was much more skilled at her alcoholic drinks;)  And what a yummy dessert!
I was so happy that we got to go on a date together. First one alone since our little one joined us. And here's the thing- I felt so not myself. (Yet who I am today is more 'me' than ever before.) I looked at the menu and the prices and thought how we could just make it at home. I felt like such a 'mom' and so self conscious for some reason. So out of place and frumpy even though that's not the case. What weird deceptive thoughts we get in our heads! And it took me a few, to warm up and get into the time we had alone. To get the conversation flowing without it feeling weird for me, in the setting in which we were. You would think, 'how strange!' It wasn't that I was worried about Jemma. I knew she'd be just fine. It wasn't as if Peter and I don't talk at home. It was just that in two months, I had already got used to the pace at home, the routines...that weren't just about Peter and myself. It's funny how quickly we can distracted by fatigue, busyness, care of the baby...Time for just the two of us whenever we feel like it is not a luxury anymore. There isn't that spontaneity to get up and go out. 
I believe communication is so vital in any relationship. Especially marriage! So I was so grateful that we had that time to talk to each other without any distractions. We talk at home of course! 
It was very interesting to pick up on some things that over the two months had built up. Sometimes you can be unaware of what's happening as you're so engrossed in this new task that takes so much of your energy, emotions, time...You could be living with each other, spending so much time in each other's presence yet not 'communicating'. I think there's a lot of that in many homes. People forget about their spouses because they become parents. Not intentionally, but it happens over time. I also believe your spouse comes first. Because if that's not in the right place it affects everything else and trickles into all the different areas of life.
Thankfully, Peter and I work at it! At communicating. At acknowledging, etc...it has to be deliberate and intentional. It takes effort and work. Sometimes I notice people/ couples with sarcasm and/ or passive aggressiveness showing up. Underlying bitterness or anger seeping through. (Peter and I decided that we don't use sarcasm in our home. That can be a whole new subject and I'm sure there are those that will argue about it, but it is so in our home...) And you wonder when that became the norm for them?  If things don't get addressed or discussed when they should be, you won't even know how you got 'there' because time flies and things change fast... You get used to what is 'now'...
So, it's good to step away, take some time, and just pay attention to each other without worrying if the little one might wake up, or if you'll be interuppted, or you'll have to resume after you change the diaper and nurse...It's good to talk about us. Our needs. Our relationship.
Even though talking about our baby is a joy. 
More dates for us in the future!
Just the two of us!
As we were walking out of the restaurant Peter asked if maybe we should get Jemma something. He's such a cutie. So we went and Peter chose her an adorable little outfit!
Those ruffles! 
Afterwards, we went to a little get together with some friends we haven't seen in a long time. It's so strange now to be in a circle of people with kids and actually have your own child! 
And...In the evening, my aunt and all her children plus kids, with my youngest brother, came over. They were visiting family that live here, from Spokane. So we had a fun bunch:) 
The ladies. One from here, two from Spokane.
My youngest brother holding his niece. Too cute!
I love Sunday mornings! We're all together. We go to church. 

Jemma has an amazing smile! She's such a happy baby. A little over two months but seems so much older to me. 
I have a thing for fine china. Started this set so long ago and never got past the place settings...Maybe one day.
Last Sunday's evening guests.
 I love having people over. Even though I'm an introvert by nature, and I like my alone time and can do anything on my own, I like get togethers, social gatherings...I believe it's important to build relationships and friendships because God works through people. Sometimes you need a friend. Sometimes you're needed as a friend. You learn and broaden your mindset by interacting with others. I could talk about the importance of friendships a lot more but some other time...
Made kompot from the apples that were sitting on our counter for awhile...with strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. The aroma in the house is wonderful as all of it cooks. The sweet drink is so delicious.  
Just in case someone thinks I eat only cake and drink only coffee...
It was a nice week of receiving things in the mail. I've never really shopped too much online but lately have realized it can be quite convenient. Jemma is growing out of her clothes very quickly. Not only that, but it's time to buy things she will need. I am learning that you can find discount codes and then shop sales. And then get cute packages!

Her second book from Artifact Uprising came as well. One for each month...
One of my favorites in the day is going for walks in our neighborhood. There is plenty to see since we're surrounded by shops, parks, nature. It's been so beautiful outside lately. I have been carrying her in the baby bjorn carrier. Once in the stroller but I guess I feel like it's more of a workout if I carry her.
So many pretty trees and bushes blooming. I like how early it all starts here on the west side of the state.

This last Saturday. Jemma was asleep and we had time to just sit and enjoy breakfast. I had run to get some things earlier that day. I like how easy it is to get around and do errands on an early Saturday morning. So quick.
It's so fresh and feels lively when there are flowers in the house.
I've been enjoying Greek yogurt. So good with crunchy granola or cereal and fresh fruit. 
Later that Saturday, these lovely gals came over. I enjoyed their conversation. We met a few years back and I've only seen them a few times. Though we haven't seen each other often, they are so easy to talk to.
It's now Thursday. I got so much done today I'm surprised how it even happened. Jemma has taken good naps, has not been fussy at all about anything. Enjoyed her own time while I did things around her and now is taking another nap. So that's how I manage to get to even blog. Not how I wanted to, but I wanted to do it since I had already started. 
Anyway, until next time.