Diary? Nothing that I wouldn't tell a client. Not everything that is written pertains to me or my life.
The things I see, hear...the people I talk to, all influence or impact my thoughts. Just saying!

Thursday, May 1, 2014


I had been looking at this recipe for so long, waiting when I could finally have the moment to make it. It was 'almost' perfect. We tried it Saturday night before Easter. I like it because it's easy to make but looks 'fancy'. And can be assembled before serving. I told my husband this week, that I will have to fail a lot in order for me to be able to make things instead of buying them! So here's to many attempts!
Easter Sunday was lovely. We went to church, then lunch at Peter's parents.
I totally enjoyed making these single serve Tiramisu! I save the Bonne Maman preserve jars, and they were perfect for something like this! Even easy to take to work the next day! I'll be making Tiramisu in the next few weeks but in a cake form!
Each time I research what I'll be making, and then as I make it, I learn so much! Sometimes it's ok to mix and match recipes, adjust to your own liking, substitute etc, and sometimes, especially for certain things, it's best to follow the method. 
Jemma had turned three months, so of course, I took a bunch of photos! She plays along to mommy's crazy ideas pretty well. I enjoy her smiles and baby talk so much -it's precious! And then, peter gets texts full of my explaining 'what Jemma did' and photos throughout the day .
My sweetheart took over for the night, this past Friday night, while I had an evening to rest and relax. It was like a little bit of a spa night for me, in my own home. It felt so good to relax and take my time, knowing he had her and would put her to sleep...these kind of moments are needed for any mother -to recharge, to relax, in order to have energy and stamina to keep going. I'm thankful that my husband does that for me and understands the need!

I told him this past week how I appreciate the fact that he doesn't complain how much of my hair is everywhere! Nightmare, but to all who have had a baby -that's what happens. Being a hairdresser, I'm used to hearing about it, and working with hair, it doesn't bother me. Yet with my own post baby hair loss, I still don't like it at all! He said, "it's not your fault." Anyway, good thing I have a head of furr for hair! And the fact that I haven't texturized or thinned it is probably a good thing too! 
We attempted to go to a baby shower this Saturday. I had noticed that Jemma got overwhelmed with something new to her when I stepped into world market just recently. So I wasn't surprised that after stepping into the house where the baby shower was, with one look and she started bawling. We tried three times, and after that, went back home. And that was our outing for that day.  She knows her house and her room so well, and apparently, it was all too much at once... 
This little eccentric lamb is a new little project on Instagram. I grew up mostly without any extended family here in the states. It was about ten years after we moved to America that anyone else had come. So we grew up with just us siblings. Of course there were quite a few of us. Seven kids can't be that lonesome.
But anyway, my sister and two sister in laws all have kids who are cousins and at this time, we all live in different cities. So to unite and bring together, we have an Instagram account to share together, our little one's lives. 
This kitchen cart is now a new addition to our eclectic home. A new baby/early Mother's Day present! Thanks to my douceur! (Honestly, I'm not sure I can even use that word in the sentence that way! It means sweetness.) Serving/storage/workspace. 

I was singing a part from Fiddler on the Roof, "if I were a rich man, ladidadidadida..." And Peter said, "you'd have World Market in your home." I'm not sure now, he could have said, "you'd live in World Market." Anyway, something along those lines! He went to get me some ladyfingers, because guess what? I'm making a few things which call for those in the recipes! And the cashier asked, "May I ask what you are doing with those ladyfingers?" I guess you'd want to know too, if a guy goes to the store and buys just three packages of only ladyfingers! He's a sweetheart. Supporting my desires, buying cartons of eggs from Costco and packages of ladyfingers! 
This Tuesday night we hosted our community group cuisine around the world dinner. Being Russian, we made Russian food. Choices of borsh, pelmeni, shuba, kompot, and these waffle cakes as well as salads, kvas, and other food that people also brought.

And today, it's already the first of May! And what a hot, hot day! I stepped out for just a few minutes with Jemma at 10 am and already felt scorched. As much as many are rejoicing for the sunshine and heat, I was thinking of the hours when I'm going to be putting Jemma to sleep and how hot it gets at that hour when I'm holding her and were both hot and being swaddled gets her even more hot, but she still wakes herself up with her little hands...you get the picture. So I'm keeping all windows and blinds shut to keep as much of the heat out as I can! 

Tonight. I am making a raspberry trifle (with ladyfingers) for tomorrow's evening dinner. I'm excited. I've never made one before, just like everything else I want to make...I don't have a fancy trifle bowl, but one of the girls at a New Years party had said that Peter's cake stand top can be flipped and the stand turns into a bowl, which looks pretty much like a trifle bowl, so that will work!