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Thursday, September 25, 2014


I always get excited about this time of year. About this month. It's September. It's the time when it starts to feel like Fall. And I welcome Fall. The cool, brisk air in the mornings. The freshness... It's also my birthday month and usually, I 'celebrate' all month long with doing little things here and there to mark this occasion. So that it's memorable for me.

Peter has entertained my celebrating this week. Last night was really sweet. He had cleaned off the whole patio in the back, washed that whole side of the house, and had gotten goodies for a little evening celebration. It was a romantic and very nice ending to the day as we swayed, surrounded by lit candles, to Chris Botti under a big, round, bright moon...

I'll be turning 30 this year. C.S. Lewis has said, "Thirty was so strange for me. I've really had to come to terms with the fact that I am now a walking and talking adult." 
For me, I've felt like an adult for a very long time now. 

And Piper, in one of his podcast episodes said something with the phrase, "...the closer I get to death..." So many times I relate to older people even though in age, I am far from close to death. 


I started this a bit before I had actually turned thirty, but it's past my birthday now, and I'm finally getting to the end of it. Moment of inspiration, if by far gone...so, it is what it is...  

Plans had changed. I turned thirty. 
What a great way to start another decade! With a wonderful man at my side, and the most darling babe in our arms. And of course, sweets and coffee! 

Looking back at my twenties, I can only be grateful. And as I embark on these next years, I can say for certain, that life is wonderful, and that I look forward to what is to come. 


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