Diary? Nothing that I wouldn't tell a client. Not everything that is written pertains to me or my life.
The things I see, hear...the people I talk to, all influence or impact my thoughts. Just saying!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Passionate And Loving It

I know I always feel things deeply. Maybe I care too much? 
But I believe it's better to care, to care too much, than not care, not feel at all. 
Plus, if it's so meaningful to me, why shouldn't I care deeply?!

I guess I am just passionate about so many things, and get excited for almost everything! 

A good principle to live by: don't be intimidated by others 'cause those others might quite possibly be intimidated by you!

I've been sick. And you know that feeling, when it feels like somethings growing in your throat? (that sounds very disgusting actually). Thank goodness yesterday when I woke up with the painful throat, it didn't affect the day too bad! Today, it was a day off, and almost a wasted day. Because with being sick, the lack of energy and tired body and even more tired eyes just wouldn't have produced any good results! (just ask my friend, my sister in law, and my sister about what I did last night after midnight...) I think I will write about that soon. That and the event at Life Center that I got to participate in, West Shore!
 But for now, I should get some sleep. Unlike last night. I should have used this 'sick' day to blog a little earlier, but oh well.
 I have a feeling, tomorrow's gonna be a tough day for me. 

By the way, my beautiful sister in law and my adorable, precious nephews are back in Spokane! 
I am a bit of a hog with my nephews, and I don't want to share when it comes to being around them. I also forget what else is around. Like maybe helping with the luggage perhaps? 

Until next time,

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The State Of My Heart

You know that feeling when you want to say so much but you get to only say a few choice words. Weather it's the time, the situation, the place... Well, I've had to do that quite a few times recently. All I seem to want to do is go on, and on, and on, but the words I say are just a few certain ones. Sadly, they don't seem to express what I try to want to say. That's how I feel about talking a lot of times. I have to hold and restrain way more than I wish. And it's so hard to choose just the right ones. How much to say. Which way to say it. Or maybe how to put a massive thought into a short little condensed version. Yet still get the point across. Oh, how many times I just want to ramble on and on...
What about when you get that one chance to say something. And you wish you could say so much. But it's that one only time and once it starts, you say just what comes out and there's no taking back. And when it's all done and said, there's no more adding to it. It's just that one chance. How do you say exactly the right thing? The interesting thing is, what I say and what is heard can be two completely different things. How is it that what I say can be 'heard' or taken in as something quite other? Where I'm coming from, what the 'back story' that I have influencing my words are not seen or known. Why do we apply our own understandings, our views, our perceptions to others? Why is it so hard to see it as seen from the other's side?   <i'm not gonna even try to put that into a sensible paragraph. it's past midnight!!

 "I'm going to say..."
 It comes out different.
"I should have said..."
Makes me laugh at how much I do that. That's the side that sometimes still tends to over think things...
I've found it's way easier to leave and think, 'well, that's that!' and forget about it. Let it go...But the times I regress...well, then I over think again.

Movie of the month: When In Rome. If you wanna know why, too bad. hehe

I have found a song that expresses the state of my heart. In fact it could be my theme song, it's so perfect. It's so perfect I can't even share because you would know the state of my heart. *wink*

What I like lately. Not expecting anything. Then everything that comes my way is grand. It's almost too tiring on the mind to try to figure how something will play out, or happen, or where it will lead. So. Expect nothing and enjoy the results. Ah, makes me smile.


Friday, May 27, 2011

One, Two, Three...

Here's a list:

  • I have had a lot on my mind this last month of May. Lots. I want to share all of it...Ha! Just kidding! I'd be a loony if I did.
  • I am excited for: 
  1. My sister in law coming home with her two boys!!! I am gonna stand there waiting at the airport, midnight and all. 
  2. Getting my braces off. It's been ridiculous and if I could, I would rant about it. Oh well. They are coming off soon! 
  3. Going to Europe! Getting away from Spokane and everything in it. From the life I have here, even if for a short, little time. I wish I could go with just the clothes on my back and my camera. (And it's battery charger and adapter of course.) I thought about taking a laptop and blogging about it there, but that would defeat the purpose of getting away! So. No curling iron, no flat iron, no laptop, no texting or facebook. Eeeh! 
  4. This summer. Laying on the sand at lake coeur d' alene! I would say why I like to be on the beach so much, but I've decided it's probably best not to...My accompanist job will be on break for the summer. Bible study's on break for the summer. So it's just three days of work and...I'm thinking next year (starting in September) will be a hard one, so might as well as enjoy the summer!
  5. Long hair again. Only blond this time. 
  6. Something I can't write about. (it's not about a boy)
  7. Laying outside in the breeze and stargazing out on the field on my parents' mountain property. Miss it.
  8. My birthday. Laugh about it, but I usually start planning early. Yep. Only I can't decide if I want to celebrate the 'normal' way. If I could, I'd like to be at the Oregon Coast with a few close friends. But I have to be in town the weekend of my birthday so that wouldn't do...I can't believe I've never been to the coast! Anyway, I already know what I want to eat...Is that weird? Weird to know the menu this early??? I'm exaggerating a little, but only a little. Let's just say, that tomorrow's happenings or any day after, can change everything in an instance, so when I say 'planning', it's just a matter of speech.
  9. My little photo shoot I want to do with my sister. We do this once in awhile. Well, fake photo shoot. Just for fun, like always. As if I don't have enough photos, right? But anyway, I have lots of ideas, and she's my sister so I can actually tell her what I want and how I want it done. 
  • I want to tell you good news! I haven't gotten a single parking ticket in this month of May! I have to say, I've been very diligent in going out and putting in a check into that little slot where money goes. 
  • KMS Flat Out Straightening Creme is the best for smoothing hair out.  Weightless, awesome light fragrance and magical. It's in my list of favorites.
  • I decided that if I'm gonna save money, it's for a piano. Because who will ever give me a piano, or buy me a present that is, perhaps, a piano. Like I would ever ask for a piano. And not just any piano either. So, I will just save for that. A piano of my choosing. That way, I won't have to nag or complain or beg or wait. I'll take care of it myself.  So, not for a house, or a wedding, but a beautiful piano. (They are pricey even when used)
  • Sometimes in the middle of the night I hear a splash of water. I think my fish tries to jump out of it's pretty vase! It's just a 'plop' and a 'splash'. I have yet to witness it myself. That would be so cool to see! My fish is so cool. 
Well, I guess I'm done for now. A little random, pointless info never hurts.
It's Memorial Weekend.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fabric Steamer

My new obsession is the fabric steamer. Seriously! The gurgling sound, the vapor, the motion of it! I don't know about this, but I'm a little addicted. It just really such a relaxing thing to do. How weird! Totally makes me laugh because who in the world could possibly be addicted to such a thing?! But I've steamed pretty much every fabric in my room at this point. Drapes, jackets, clothes. And other things. Hehe. Gotta try it. It's totally different than ironing things. Which is really pretty cool too. Although, who even irons clothes these days anyway? It's so cool to put wrinkly clothes on. That's the millennium we live in, right? Or perhaps it's just lack of 'class'. You know, being a lady, being a gentleman...
Today has been wild!
Booked 100%. And, without a lunch. I mean, even the busiest day doesn't ever show 100%.
But today, that's what it was. And surprisingly, I came out OK. I  was still going and happy by the time I got out of the salon. I mean, me without a lunch?! I am certainly not the nicest person when I don't get food or a little time. But. I guess it was just a grand day. Thanks to my very lovely, patient clients who, for some, had to wait a little too long today. (sorry)

There are things in life that will always make me smile. My inner hidden smile. But I guess those things will always just be that. Hidden. My little secrets to keep.

To those who care,
have a peaceful night.
 (or day, whichever it happens to be)
Strong reasons makes strong actions. 
William Shakespeare
(Teabag Tea tag)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Today has been an amazing blessed day. 
I will have to share when it's not 1 am.


All day today, I have been amongst many  wonderful woman. 
But at the end of this day, only one comes to mind.
My mom.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chip In The Blade

Does confidence in a person scare people? Intimidate? I will always wonder at this. If so, that's too bad.

I have a bunch of questions. All of which I can not ask therefore I will not get an answer. So I won't know.

I dropped my texturizing shears and can no longer use them. There's a chip in the blade and it won't close. Unless people like the feeling of hair ripping out of their scalp, I probably should not even attempt using them. Dropping shears is no way to go. I know. That means buying new ones, since I can't go a work day without them! Oh. If only my shelf didn't throw things! 

Life can be peculiar. I mean peculiar in a wondering, interesting way. Not in a negative way. Or, I can't decide if it's the people that are peculiar, or the situation itself. But then, it's the people who create the situation so it must be both. 

Heard a good phrase today. I've heard of it before, this past year. 
Darkness comes before dawn. What a great statement of hope!
As Shawn Spencer says, "Wait for it." You have to hear him saying it of course, and he's just a character. But. You just have to wait for the 'dawn'. 

Out of the most obscure/difficult/questionable situations come great blessings. I so see it! Always amazes me!!! 

Last night, Yanni said, "Dreams do come true." Believe in dreams. Dream. 
I believe that because I have seen it. He also said, "Everything great, anybody did, started with one single thought." We all can think, we all can dream. And it happens. 

Yanni has great musicians. Have you ever heard of a drum solo? That man probably never stops moving. Hands, legs, whole body. I mean, how could anyone play drums and not move?  Pretty impressive showcasing of the drummer.  He even drank a bit out his cup as he went wild on his drums!  That's multitasking for ya.  A percussion/harp duet? Believe me, once you see that harpist, you'd never think of a harp the same way. Certainly not a symphony. These musicians, their hands fly like crazy! I was astounded! By the way, the harpist literally picked his harp up, at the end, with his wild playing and all. That thing is huge!  And the drummer split his drumstick! Awesome violin dueling. Cello spinning. Trumpet guy. Impressive. I love the sound of the trumpet. So clean and soothing. That is, if a professional is playing. 
It was great. You can laugh if you think it's funny to go to a Yanni concert. But, this is my third time and I like it. Live, that is. There is quite the difference you know.
"The Storm" Live. Ah!
I wonder how many hours just that one violinist puts in to get all the notes at those speeds. I feel pathetic thinking of my own 'hours' of practice to learn a song on the piano. Yeah.

Well, time for 'dreaming'.  Hehe...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Sweet Little Neighborhood

Today is perfect. First day of May and just so perfect. I think next year I will  participate in Bloomsday. In fact, we 'volunteered'. We let the band on our corner 'borrow' our electricity. How does one 'borrow' electricity? The course goes past my house. The cool thing about it is, every year, our side street gets cleaned and 'washed' to an immaculate state. And they are so efficient that as soon as the slowest, the last walker finishes, the sweeper comes right along. How can anyone complain about that? 
Today I went for my first bike ride of the year! I couldn't say, "ah!" enough! The sun on my back, the breeze in my face, and the occasional bug crashing into my forehead.
I love my neighborhood. The side closest to the river that is. In fact, I wish I could own a house or live on Summit Blvd. I've always loved to walk, jog, or ride my bike on this street. Weather down the trail to the bridge, down into the river trailer neighborhood, or all the way towards doomsday hill. I know there are awesome neighborhoods all over the city, but I've always loved Summit Blvd. The view, the quietness of the street, and so close to downtown. 

Reaching to the sky. 

There's the river. The bike trail. And gorgeous old houses.
(I have my favorite.)

I can't wait to see these blooming.

Intertwined and Inseparable. 

Our city view.

Boris is missing his hand. 

Love the uniqueness of the houses.
So like I said, today is perfect and it was perfect for the first ride. All these people out on their lawns, in their garden, just being outside. Bloomsday watchers still hanging out. Kids climbing trees. Runners and other bikers on the streets. Of course the other bikers are decked out in their full riding gear, saying hi and smiling. I on the other hand, own nothing that says 'sporty'. That's what I love about riding a bike. You can say 'hello' to anybody you pass, give a wave, or a smile. Or they just smile at you. Everybody just seemed so happy and friendly! It must have been the sun. It's two Sundays in a row, I can take out my lawn chair and hang out, soaking in the rays. 

Have I mentioned how excited I am about this summer?
I think it will be grand! 
One reason being is I will be traveling!!! That deserves all or more exclamation marks for sure. So excited!
Have I also mentioned that I love being blonde?
I love being blonde. 
A different me, therefore a different look.
I am also very much excited about the person, the woman, God is shaping me into!