Diary? Nothing that I wouldn't tell a client. Not everything that is written pertains to me or my life.
The things I see, hear...the people I talk to, all influence or impact my thoughts. Just saying!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Celebrating My Husband

This past weekend was not only my husbands 33rd birthday, but also his first Father's Day! We had a little a party on Saturday. Not everybody could make it but we had fun with friends and family. I would go upstairs to feed Jemma or put her down for a nap, and hear the sounds of laughter coming from below making me smile. Love when the house is filled with people and laughter. The weather didn't quite permit us to celebrate at the park on the lake and play volleyball, but I feel like having it at the house was great anyway!

My sister is amazing. She came over from Spokane just to help. We didn't even get to hang out! She practically chopped and diced and mixed everything herself...and made the second dessert we had. Yummy!
Grandma Lyuda with baby Jemma.

After most everyone left, we went to quiet down for the evening...she was so cute and cozied up to me so close... That precious feeling of your baby wanting to be really close.

Cleaned up and ready for Sunday.
Father's Day. Peter is amazing. From helping and taking care of me and Jemma, to playing and making us laugh! I love seeing Jemma's face light up into a smile when he plays with her. He's all around a wonderful man! 
At the Shpaks. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Birthday Cake

This is what I was excited about! Russian style cake. I used a Russian website with the most simplistic recipe and hardly any directions but everything turned out! Basically, it had a list of ingredients and the order of layers and creams.
Sometimes I try out new things and they are not Peter's type, but this is for his birthday so it is exactly his type with his favorites in it. Condensed milk and butter in the inner cream, meringue layer, and I added my own step by 'soaking' the bottom layer with syrup and Disaronno. With my primitive tools and what I had, I was able to slice the cake in half with out messing it up. (I actually made two just in case.) I also made the meringue earlier to make sure it turned out since I've been having problems the last few times I've made it. Jemma was so good and slept for exactly the amount of time I needed, waking up right after I finished! 
I didn't have enough of the second cream, nor the time, to ensure a smooth surface and really found myself not really caring. As I posted on Instagram, the perfectionist in me is long dead, (almost), and all my cake decorating tools are still sitting in the box... I didn't get a pastry bag out, but using a little ziplock baggie with melted chocolate in it, piped a few squiggles and  froze to experiment with... And so this is it...now to taste it, tomorrow! I tasted all the ingredients separately but it has to infuse all together. Let's just say, this is not something anyone should eat daily. Now that I've made it, I know exactly how much sugar and butter goes into one of these! Ridiculous! Anyway, once again, something I though is so complicated is actually quite easy and very simple. Such basic ingredients but put together make a tasty cake. At least I hope...
And tomorrow, I just need to put in the sparkler candles, which are really for me. Hehe...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Feelings

I'm a girl. And a hairdresser. So of course I enjoy looking through makeup at Sephora or anywhere else. Looking at products and clothes. Getting new things...I found a new mascara I really like . Nowhere fancy. Just at Fred Meyer in the natural section. It's called Stellar Gaze and is made in the area in Portland. I like how it feels and looks. And the price point is way better than some of those brands out there! 

One of my favorite looks is a bare, natural, glowing face. A very clean look. If I could get away with it more often, I'd probably only use my bare necessities: gloss and mascara. 

Sometimes, people think that the more products on the face, the better the look. Sometimes, overdoing it. But...I don't know about that one... 
Don't get me wrong. I like using all sorts of makeup and tools! And on those days, someone would consider me that which I just described. 
These days. Not that I never did lists and notes, but lately, I have to do it even more. I'm constantly jotting things down. Scatter brained, distracted... With all things baby, plus trying to balance all of everything else and get it all done, I can't see me getting through without having those notes, grocery lists, to do lists, and reminders. My favorite is still a pen and paper, notebooks and journals, but oh, how convenient is a phone and an iPad! Always in reach. 
What am I looking forward to?
So many things! But some coming up in the near future are:
Peter's birthday and his first Father's Day this upcoming weekend!
A little photoshoot with a photographer I've actually never met but because of Instagram, I saw a post, and we are now setting up a little shoot!
Going out on a free Saturday to go look through some garage sales. Someone told me about a hundred house garage sale event and I already missed that one but there are others.
Baking a Russian type cake. That should be, uhm, an adventure.
Having my older sister over again.

Anyway, on to other things!