Diary? Nothing that I wouldn't tell a client. Not everything that is written pertains to me or my life.
The things I see, hear...the people I talk to, all influence or impact my thoughts. Just saying!

Our Wedding

October 20, 2012

a few more...

 The photo above is one of my favorites. For the reason that it caught one of the reasons I bought my dress! And it's someone's cell phone photo:)

August 2013

Before The Wedding
There are countless photos from each 'event' but no possible way to share that many! 
Bridal Shower

Getting My Dress
I went to buy my dress by myself. It happened to be in the area my sister lived in, so I texted her that I was in the area getting a dress and if she was free she could join me. It took one trip and only a few trial dresses. I knew what I was looking for and exactly what I what I wanted. (Now I think I should have gone to all the dress shops and tried a gazillion dresses and took photos of all of them just for fun! I just love wedding dresses!)
This was the type of dress I wanted. The one below was a soft, flowy one, but had too deep of a neckline for me...

I never intended to buy a strapless dress because it wasn't a style that appealed to me, but the girl thought I should try it...

This one had the kind of soft lace and material I love, and delicate shimmer, but it was also a strapless dress...

And the reason for the dress I chose. All the things I like. Elongating shape, lace, slight vintage feel with the scalloped details, but modern and classic. Open back, and beading, beading, glimmering, shiny beading, in diamond white! And it was the type of dress I wanted in style, but with enough support and structure to it as well.

Engagement Photos
by Ira Gardner

The Engagement Photo

Engagement Photos by Peter's friend Ivan

 The photo Peter used for our invitation, which he made. 

The Proposal. 
(Only the end of it...Peter took me 'around the world' and I had no idea what was actually happening! 
But these are just a few and not that great since it was a bit dark by that time...)

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